At it again, making cake pops for a Christmas party tomorrow. Have you booked your events with me yet? Dont wait til the last minute...
Today was the last day of school for many children and teens alike here in the Charlotte, and surrounding areas, and 5 lucky teachers were giving a wonderful treat from a friend of mine... for the hard work they all day do everyday! I hope you all that recieved these Delicious treats truly enjoyed them, and stop by and say hi!
Last night was another networking event, I attended and thought outside of the box and provided a lot of people with vanilla bean cake pops to sample (44 people to be exact). M-arty is a group started on Facebook, by the Michael Catlow Group, he is RE-INVENTING the way people with small business let others know about what they do. The events are Free, and theres Free Food, one Free Drink Ticket, and 105 minutes of Networking. Couldnt be much better! Be sure to go his page, the link is below, and find out when the next meeting will be... I'll be there, will you?!/groups/CharlotteMARTY/
This week seems to be a lot of chocolate going around! And a lot being baked this week too! From retirement cakes ( chocolate fudge cake that is) to birthday cakes ( dark chocolate mint). What will your next order be?
Question whats your favorite chocolate desse
Christmas is almost here, and orders are coming in! From Birthday parties to holiday parties... have you booked Sugar & Spice... for your next event?