So today's vegan cupcaks were Delicious from what all the clientel are telling me! Back again tomorrow for somemore! this time vanilla bean with chocolate frosting... Yum I think thats all I can say about that. I got a a busy couple of days ahead, including a 1st birthday party for Saturday! See you at drumSTRONG!
This week, yet another busy week! I am so grateful for all of you that give me the oprotunity to be able to express my love of baking with you! I am making vegan cupcaks for Wednesday ( May 18) for SenKay Natural Hair, and some cakepops for the Common Market. I love it I have a new recipe for a new cupcake Key Lime Pie!! Yum... This weekend, is going to be super fun and busy with drumSTRONG, hope you all can come out and support the event and drum the night away!
This week has been Extremely busy! But I'm not complaining, thats for sure I made a delicous orange zest, vanilla bean cake with strawberry rhbarb filling for a birthday party, I was told they had a blast, playing around and eating cake! Today (May 14) was also the first day of the Wachaw Spring fest... it was a great turn out. Started a little gloomy then it rained and stoped and the them all the fun began! Back for some more fun tomorrow. Its suppose to be a beautiful day I got my fingers crossed for that to happened. I was invited to participate in the drumSTRONG event for the fight for cancer on May 21- 22 Im supper excited! Come out and see me and help with the fight for cancer!
This Saturday is Waxhaw's annual spring fest and Im going to be a vendor! Come on out and support me, I also made to lovely families happy this week from the Funk Fest event last Saturday, with cake pops and a cake
Today was a Huge success! I made a lot of connections and some new great friends. Im glad I could be apart of the event for Funky Town Parties, I hope to do it again.
This weekend is the funk fest party off of Audrey Kell and Ballentyne Commons I hope you all can come out and have some Fabulous treats by me and several other people it will be LOADS of fun! I have things that I have baked to sample and to sell!
And on other note for Easter at Cndlewyke I still have to upload those pictures sorry I'll do that soon, promise... see you this weekend!