Easter is 10 days away and we are ready to hop into some events with you!! What kinds of delicious treats c
The most asked question we recieve from clients is what flavor of cake can we create... To answer your question, would be very simple however we are like no-other bakery... our ability to cater to needs of the clients varys from client to client, which allows us to be able to customize cake flavors according to what you and your event guest will enjoy.
With that being said, we can still create the classics including but not limited to : 
    Vanilla (using a real Madagascar Vanilla bean)
    Red Velvet (without the dye)
    Key Lime
And several other Flavors...
We have been pretty busy fulfilling each and every order that you all have given us! And we are forever Grateful! There will be a couple of pictures posted here and there about what we have done for all of out new clients!!!
This weekend we are being busy bees!! A wedding for a friend in The Sandbox Group! And some special birthday parties!!! Have you Ordered your sweet treat from up
If you haven't heard by now we will be running an ad with Living-Social and Amazon... They combined and came up with Amazon-Local... Make sure you are signed up on Amzaon Local Charlotte!!!! We look forward to being able to take all of your orders from both and NEW and Returning customers. 

First day of a new month means... Time to bring in more orders for The Sandbox!!! 15% of all proceeds will go to The Sandbox, to benefit patients from the Levine's Childrens Hospital in Charlotte,NC to go to a prom in September of this year... What can we help you